Shania Twain Speaks Out Against Violence In New PSA

Shania Twain is featured in a new public service announcement intended to raise awareness for domestic violence. The country star speaks out against all forms of interpersonal abuse in the spot. "Sometimes home is where the hurt is," the singer says, adding, "It's really confusing to be hurt by someone you love. Whether it's physical, sexual or emotional, abuse is abuse."

Keith Urban Says He's 'Interested In Finding Originals' On American Idol

Keith Urban is in the midst of promotions for the upcoming 14th season of American Idol, and says that this year he's looking to find a star. "First of all, I never think of it in terms of finding the next anybody," he began. "We want to find the first of anyone, and that sort of individualism and uniqueness is what I'm always waiting for with Idol . . ."

Collin Raye Releases New Album

Collin Raye has released a record of cover songs called Everlasting. He says that the tunes are ones he's covered during his career, including hits by Bryan Adams, Billy Joel and the Bee Gees. "Before coming to Nashville, I played years in the casinos, waiting to be discovered," Raye says. "These are songs that I would perform."

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