Taylor Swift Recruits Hayley Williams For 'Bad Blood' Video

Taylor Swift has recruited Hayley Williams of Paramore, model Cara Delevingne, and singer Zendaya for the music video to "Bad Blood." People reports that the four were seen on the L.A. set of the video over the weekend. Swift, along with all the other ladies, wore white robes to cover their outfits, in order to prevent paparazzi from sneaking a peek.

Jana Kramer Releases Her 'I Got The Boy' Music Video

Jana Kramer has released the music video for "I Got the Boy," a single from her upcoming untitled album. The song, says Kramer, is based on her life, but meant to resonate with lots of people. "It was young love," Kramer tells Rolling Stone Country. "I didn't want to tell 100-percent my own story because I wanted the listeners to interpret their own version."

RaeLynn Discusses How To Take The Perfect Selfie

If you have ever wondered what it takes to achieve the perfect selfie, RaeLynn has you covered. "First of all, it's all about the lighting," she tells Taste of Country's Billy Dukes. "Lighting is everything. You have to have the lighting in front of your face. If the lighting is behind you, you'll get a big shadow and you won't look as good."

Reba McEntire Talks About Singing 'Just Like Them Horses' At Father's Funeral

Reba McEntire performed "Just Like Them Horses" at her father's funeral. The cut, taken from her new record Love Somebody, was one she instantly identified with the memory of her dad. "It reminded me of Daddy," Reba told Taste of Country. "Everybody agreed . . . it's a wonderful song. And not long after we recorded it, Daddy passed away."

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