Chuck Wicks' Album Is Almost Finished

Chuck Wicks is working on his first album with new label Blaster Records. Speaking with the Boot, Wicks said that he got the attention of the label after issuing a self-released EP. "What was strange about it was, I released a thing called 'Rough' on my own, and it got a lot of attention, sold a lot of EPs out of the gate," Wicks said.

Kid Rock Subpoenaed To Produce Glass Sex Toy In ICP Trial

The former publicist for Insane Clown Posse is suing the band's label for sexual harassment - a suit that will require Kid Rock to produce a glass sex toy that he allegedly owns. The publicist, Andrea Pellegrini, claims that "Dirty Dan" Diamond, a former employee of ICP's Psychopathic Records label, attempted to give the sex toy to her.

Reba McEntire Releases New Song 'Pray For Peace'

Reba McEntire has released the music video for "Pray for Peace," a visual she put together with footage donated from fans. She hit Facebook to explain the genesis of the song: "I feel this song is a gift from God. I have never worked on a song as long as this one," she began. "It went from a bass drum, fiddle and singers to guest artist singing with me, adding more instruments."

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